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Tangerine Quartz naturals asst sizes 30-60 mm asst sizes 1/2 kilo(500 gram ) bag

SKU: 12182
Price: $39.99


Tangerine Quartz is a beautiful quartz, normally found in Brazil. Tangerine Quartz has also been found in Madagascar. The gorgeous orange coloring of this quartz comes about naturally. Natural mineral deposits on the crystals cause the tangerine coloring. Iron enriched soil may be a factor as well. Tangerine Quartz has clear quartz properties as well as its' own properties. It is said that this quartz enhances one's strength and also helps balance or level the emotions, thus making one feel more calmly detached instead of panicky or upset. Tangerine Quartz can enhance evolution of the inner self. Metaphysically, this quartz has been used for reproductive system disorders, weight loss, and AIDS. Some interesting facts about crystals: Empathic crystals are recognized by damage on their tips or sides. They bring about knowledge that beauty comes from within. Excellent for heightening compassion for others. Trigger crystals are recognized by a smaller crystal growing out from the larger crystal. This 'trigger' can be gently squeezed to activate the power of the crystal and strengthen its' attributes. A Record Keeper crystal stores information needed by the person it comes to. Information can be received through meditation with the crystal. Double terminated points are multi-functional. Energy moves through the point outward in either direction or both directions at the same time. Double terminated points have the capacity to draw in or transmit energy, which acts as a transformer to increase the vibration of the quartz. These points have been used in astral projection and in helping to recall information from dreams. Other tangerine quartz information. Metaphysical Properties: 2nd Chakra is about giving and receiving, emotions, change, movement, acceptance and ability to understand new ideas, health, working in harmony with others, co-creation and creativity. Healing properties: aids in assimilation of iron in the blood, stimulates the chi/energy, circulation and depression.


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