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Septarian(dragon Stone )Freeform Statue 70-80 mm madagascar

SKU: 20871
Price: $12.99


Geology: Septaria are varieties of calcite and have a hardness of 3. They deri­ve their color from iron and limonite. Septaria can be found in geodes and cavities. They crystallize into many small crystals, mostly star shaped. The sites where septaria can be found are located in Utah and Arizona, USA and in Madagascar. Historical tradition: For the Indians of North America, septaria were highly valued healing stones. In their cavities, sacred primeval water was often found which was claimed to be able to produce the greatest degree of purity. In terms of their visual appearance, septaria are very attractive collectorr’s items which also enjoy great popu­larity among people who treasure healing stones. Curative and therapeutic effects on the body: Septaria strengthens the brain and can alleviate disorders of perfusion through the brain, and congestion bet­ween the nerve cells in the brain (Alzheimer's disease). Not all brain disorders are, however, as serious as Alzheimer's disease, but they can be rehabilitated and healed using therapy. Many disorders of the brain can even be relieved and healed after a very short period of time. Septaria especially supports therapy on a natu­ral basis. These stones improve concentration and frequently relieve forgetfulness, which can often be tra­ced back to disorders of brain function. Especially elder people, but younger people as well, who experience problems in concentration and memory gaps, should place septaria in their surroundings as healing stones. Many people never admit disorders of brain function and, therefore, should receive septaria as a present from their relatives. When affected people keep physically active and septaria are placed in their homes, the best healing of disorders of brain function, forgetfulness and disorientation will be achieved. Curative and therapeutic effects on the mind: Septaria free the way in the head and once again produce greater concentration and improve the ability to remember. They bestow on the user greater self-confidence and more active planning in life. Chakra: Septaria penetrate through the solar plexus into the nervous tissue and then unfold their light-bringing ener­gies directly in the brain. They have very calming and purifying properties and also give protection against excessive mental exertion.


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