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Moss Agate Pyramid 34-37 mm India note: all pyramids measured pt to pt

SKU: 14493
Price: $3.99


Green Moss Agate Crystal Meaning Due to its markings, which suggest moss, the moss agate is the especial gardener's talisman. It is worn to lend energy to the depleted and for healing purposes. Helps with breathing disorders. Green Moss Agate Magical Use Renewal, assertiveness, prosperity, success, congeniality, starting friendships, ego and fertility. Green Moss Agate Healing Use Heart, lungs, stiff neck and skin. Green Moss Agate Physical Properties Agate is a variety of chalcedony, which is the general term applied to fibrous cryptocrystalline quartz varieties. It is vitreous and a mineral generally of secondary origin, forming in cavities and veins by deposition from meteoric groundwater containing gelatinous silica from the weathering of silicate minerals. It can also form by deposition from late hydrothermal solutions at or near the earth's surface under conditions of low temperature and low pressure. Agate is commonly associated with siliceous volcanic's, occurring as vein or vesicle filling. It occurs as a petrifying agent in fossil wood and bone. Agate is frequently found lining or filling rock cavities and fissures, sometimes forming geodes. When split open, they reveal an amazing variety of colours and patterns. Group OXIDES, Composition Si02, Hardness 7, Crystal structure: Trigonal. Moss Agate is believed to encompass the following qualities... -Improves ego & self-esteem -Helps in the acquisition of riches -Improves circulation -Cleanses personal energies & environment and strengthens positive personality traits -Supports the wearerĘs strength to ward off negative vibrations -Relieves symptoms of colds & flu


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