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Apophyllite Clusters AAA quality 2-3 lb size priced ea. India Wholesale India

Picture is representative -specimens may have other zeolite minerals included.

SKU: 20323
Price: $44.99


A mass of Apophyllite crystal points , undamaged , each weighing between 3-4 lb Some with Stillbite and other Zeolite minerals. Direct from Poona India Hydrous calcium potassium fluorsilicate, often with a small amount of iron and nickel. Hardness 4-1/2 to 5. Water clear pyramid shaped crystals. Apophyllite is commonly found in cavities in basalt of volcanic rock, where it is associated with zeolites and prehnite. India. Apophyllite's name comes from two Greek words, apa and phyllon. They mean off and leaf. Because of its high moisture content, when the crystal is heated, the different layers will "leaf off" as water evaporates. This leafy quality make the crystal almost unusable as a jewelry stone, but it is very popular for its spiritual strengths. Apophyllite is an important crystal for practicing astral travel. It provides an anchor to the physical body while the spirit explores. Knowledge that you access during your travels will remain imprinted on your conscious mind, allowing for easy recall. For these same reasons, you may want to carry the crystal on Vision Quests. Use Apophyllite as a meditation tool, it can stimulate and open your Third Eye Chakra when you place the base of the crystal pyramid on your brow. The crystal opens pathways to guides, spirits, angels, faeries and allows you easy access for channeling. As a companion crystal, Apophyllite attracts joy into your life, keeps your heart light and open. You'll see life with a bright new perspective and gain trust in your ability to do what is best for you. You will learn to recognize the perfect truths in all things, to better see the imbalances in your own life and how to correct them. Just as the galaxy spins and rotates every day in perfect trust of the divine plan, this crystal can teach you to live your life with the same perfection. A planet has never doubted its path around the Sun, your path was designed with the same perfection, allow that trust to be a part of your daily thoughts. There were very few healing recommendations for Apophyllite. One reference did mention that an elixir brought rejuvenation and new energy to those suffering from lethargy. It definitely provides relief from stress and can ease aches and pains brought on by the trauma of stress. If you've had any healing experiences with Apophyllite, These are extra quality nearly perfect crystal bright , very very fine specimens


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