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Apophyllite Stilbite Cluster 150-160 MM INDIA


SKU: 15461
Price: $29.99


spectacular cluster of clear shining Apophyllite crystals with Stillbite Apophyllite most often comes with a mate - stilbite. This duo is a rather remarkable team. As such, lets cover the lesser known mate first, so that you can see how it is a true support stone STILBITE: - Colors: white, peach, pink, yellow, orange, red and brown (peach is stellar as it is the best for assisting in bridging the arc from this realm into non-physical realitites) - Shapes: aggregates, plates, sheaves, globes, radial structures, thin tabular crystals, rhombic pyramid-type cruciforms - Composition: A zeolite mineral. Hydrated potassium aluminum silicate that can have a high concentration of either calcium or sodium - Generally speaking, its metaphysical properties/attributes are: - assists in bridging the arc into non-physical realities - provides powerful energy in creative and intuitive endeavors - provides grounding while synthesizing the physical manifestation of creativity - assists with astral travel and gives guidance while traveling APOPHYLLITE: - Colors: colorless/clear, white, green, faint yellow - Shapes: pseudo-cubic crystals, granular masses, natural pyramidal structures, and forms as a druse on other minerals - Composition: a.k.a. fluorapophyllite. Its a phyllo, a sheet silicate with very high water content; a hydrated potassium calcium silicate - Generally speaking, its metaphysical properties/attributes are: - it is an auric cleanser - assists one to seek out and correct ones own deficiencies - stimulates ones intuitive vision - assists one in bringing ones soul light into integration with the self at a physically conscious level - connects this realm of reality with extraterrestrial realities, creating a conscious connection between physical, spiritual and/or ET dimensions and attunes ones body to said dimensions - facilitates astral travel: to Akashic records, spirit/ET worlds, past lives - has a haze filter affect to counteract fogginess caused by fatigue borne out by astral travel


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