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Ruby Crystal in Fuschite Gemstone Silver Bezel wrap around Pendant. Many Assorted Styles /All with Accent Cabachon in ruby, amethyst ,topaz. garnet in exciting combinations

Great Range of different styles Ruby fuschite in assorted cabachon shapes-oval round triangle square with accent faceted Cabachons in several different stones. Original Retail $29.99-$39.99

SKU: 13285
Price: $16.99


Ruby Fuchsite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths Ruby Fuchsite as it, name tells that it comprises the energies of two stones, Ruby, and Fuchsite. It is known traditionally that it creates a synergy that is more than the sum of the parts. With the mystic properties, it is believed to stimulate intuition of the wearing individual. By bringing great deal of awareness of problems, it is a great stone for psychic work. It is contemplated to release emotional stress and easily deal with lifestyle, social issues as well as physical health of the holder. Ruby in Fuchsite is as well alleged to help one understand Love at a spiritual level. As a crystal of healing lore, it aids the holder to find solutions to all the problems he is facing in addition to it, it also align the unbalanced body functions. It is great stone if used in crystal healing as it is used to amplify the healing energies of the other stones it is kept with. Fuchsite beckons in captivating shades of turquoise-green gifted to appease the spirit and tranquil the soul. The lovely and natural red Ruby crystals embedded in this striking stone make it a perfect heart stone. Ruby Fuchsite as carries the power of the river, it infuses harmony and balance in the wearer. By clearing the blockage of the heart chakra, it fills the abyss of the heart with positive and loving energies. Completely uniting with humanity as a whole, it helps the wearer to uphold the consciousness of individuality. It is usually used to transform negative destructive energies into helpful positive ones. The combination of Ruby in the Fuchsite helps to activate latent psychic abilities by unwrapping up the Heart Chakra to obtain information in sequence from the Third-Eye Chakra. It too amplifies the body’s energy field of the wearer and empowers him to search the self and discover his truths along with integrity. By enhancing loving communication on all levels, it connects the spiritual realms with 3rd density veracity together with other dimensions. Known to be a perfect companion while connecting and communicating with the spiritual world, its colored crystals assumed to triggers off the Crown Chakra. The zips of this stone facilitate the holder of this treasure to work deep into the contemplative state. As a powerful talisman of healing and opulence, Ruby Fuchsite is is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe and is associated with Aquarius astral sign. To own a Ruby Fuchsite is said to have contentment, inspiration, and peace.  The numerical vibration of this stone is 4 furthermore it is considered as an symbol of friendship and love. An icon of vitality, intuition as well as royalty, it links the intellect of the mind with the heart. It promotes physical vitality, soothes the chakras, balances the wearer’s ying-yang energies and aligns the physical body to the etheric. The greenish color of this stone rose up the compassion for others by allowing the holder to understand both the sides and accepting differing points of opinion.


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