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Located in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge strikes awe in most of its viewers as well as questions about its creation. Believed to be erected around 2500BCE, this huge monolith's purpose is constantly questioned and investigated. Thanks to recent archeological finds of cremation remains, most scholars support the hypothesis that the structure was used as a burial sight and one of community. The supposed mingling of these two aspects, life and death, speak to the importance of Stonehenge as central to whatever group of people erected it. 

To some, Stonehenge is a mystical site built by druids or aliens of whose reasoning is unknown. Personally, I am simply amazed at the architecture of the structure itself and the skills of the people that made it. Additionally, the amount of time they spent crafting it was remarkable since most scholars believe that the monolith could have been in the works from 2500 up to 3000 BCE. 




In the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, West Wales there is a magical stone known to the ancient people of Wales and used in the building of Stonehenge ... Preseli Bluestone.  Since ancient times people have sought out these special stones.  The ancient Druids believed them to have magic healing properties.  


 Preseli Bluestone is a Dolerite, a metamorophic igneous (volcanic) rock similar to Basalt.  This medium grained dark stone is harder than granite.  There were two types of Bluestone used in the center stones of Stonehenge.  Each contain spots white plagioclase feldspar, as well as augite and possibly mica.  







The ‘Stone of Universal Unity’, bringing forth offerings of compassion, of love and of peace. A stone with a heart, a place and a voice for All.


Bluestone has a universal voice, it is a stone that speaks out to the inner being, forming a natural connection while radiating with compassion and peace. It is a stone brings forth pure Universal Unity.


“The pure hearted child shall hear my voice, my song, through to the physical recognised manner. There shall be very few to hold such a gift, yet in time this very few shall grow gently as Unity takes form and remains in place”


A stone that brings a healing touch to all that bears its touch. This can be in so many ways, one only need have a little faith to recognise this.


Bluestone brings forth Unity throughout centuries. It creates connection in the past as well as the present. A stone that can hold an infinite number of voices, an infinite number of hopes, dreams and wishes, bringing all as One.


This stone creates passages and doorways for the being to connect with all that was, and is. It can be beneficial in Ancestral connecting and also in Astral travel. A stone to help the being also connect with themselves, to find who they are as well as helping to open new doorways in life.


“I am part of an infinite energy, I am all around and within. I am part of the circle of life, an eternal connection to the past, present and future of All”


Bluestone is very healing to the soul. It helps bring feelings of loneliness to an end, as well as helping “Lost souls” find there way. It is a stone that helps create inner harmony, as well as being beneficial in taking away the fears of “not knowing”. In time, Bluestone brings the being to a point where healing can take place on a whole level, inner and outer.


This is a stone to help in the healing of matters of the heart, especially good where there has been an “abandonment” or there is feelings of abandonment. Bluestone helps to restore love and compassion again within the being. It is a stone that resonates harmoniously within the Hearts energy centre and helps to clear and connect it with the bodies fellow energy centres.


Bluestone creates a harmonious energy, it helps energies bond well almost like the fine workings of a clocks heart. It is a stone that creates formations of energies, like a mirror to a mirror, it brings a continuous and infinite connection through time.

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