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Often called Chiapas amber (from the southern state of chiapas, Mexico. Though known to the ancient Maya, and traded or offered as tribute to the Aztecs. The Spanish conquestadors tell of the Aztec emperor, Montezuma stirring his chocolate with an amber s

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Amber is fossilized resin that once exuded from the bark of an ancient long extinct tree. It is not the same as sap which is a nutrient for the tree rising through the heartwood. The resins antiseptic properties protected the tree from disease and attacks from wood gnawing and burrowing insects. As it exuded as blobs or stalactites dripping and flowing down the trunk of the tree. The resin acted as a sticky trap entombing flora and fauna. This amber with inclusions can be a natural time capsule,the very best pieces capturing a moment frozen in time from millions of years ago. rom the latest research it appears that is from the upp er Oligocene to lower Miocene some 22-28 Million years ago. The amber on this site is from the Simojovel, Huitiupan area and it is found in a marine shale sediment often coated with a limestone scale and sometimes embedded into the surface of the amber are bivalves, oyster shells and other shells. This amber is natural (not treated like most baltic amber). The colour is totally natural and impressive. It is known for its inclusions. It is from a tropical forest and as with Dominican amber it is from an extinct tree species in the genus Hymenaec. This genus still exists in the south and central America. Though the closest relative appears to be one species currently found in Africa and it exudes large amounts of resin (as the extinct one did). The amber is hand polished by Mayan Indigenous (Tzotzil)


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