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Tigereye Red 1lb., tumbled med Africa

SKU: 13034
Price: $10.99


A variety of chantoyant quartz, composed of silicon dioxide with inclusions of blue asbestos (crocidolite), which gives the stone a distinctive fibrous sheen. Tigereye (also spelled tiger eye or tiger's eye) contains iron oxide that gives the stone its characteristic brown and golden brown stripes. Cat's eye and hawk's eye are similar stones. Cat's eye is grayish-yellow, while hawk's eye has a blue-gray or blue-green color. Most tigereye comes from South Africa, where thick slabs are found, sometimes in combination with hawk's eye. The iron-rich stone matrix that surrounds masses of tigereye is called tiger iron, and is sometimes cut and polished for beads. "Eye" stones are considered strong talismans in many cultures, especially against the "evil eye." It was once believed that a person wearing an "eye" stone could see behind closed doors. Tigereye has long been associated with wealth; in Celtic traditions, the earth deities are associated with brown and green stones, and these deities are called upon to bring abundance. Folklore holds that burning a green candle in a circle of tigereye stones attracts wealth. "Eye" stones are also associated with clairvoyance and with personal insight.


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