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Special Purchase India Zeolites, assorted minerals FLAT 10-12 lb.av. wt/flat OUR*LOWEST*EVER*PRICE

PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY THESE SPECIMENS WOULD COST OVER $100-Flat contains an assortment of sizes and types of Zeolites

SKU: 12555
Price: $69.99


Just In... Beautiful flats of India Zeolites as show in picture. Each flat is 10.5 x 13 and weighs between 9 and 12 lbs. Descriptive, Color Illustrations on the side of the flat Id the Minerals. Sell as Flat or remove and sell individually . ZEOLITES The zeolite group of minerals are alumino-silicate minerals. They contain water molecules in spaces within the the framework of the crystal lattice. The water can be expelled upon heating. The name 'zeolite' derives its name from the Greek words meaning 'to boil' and 'stone'. It refers to the fact that zeolites froth or boil when heated. Zeolites have many industrial uses, a few are listed below:- As catalysts and drying agents Ion exchange Filtering Odour removal Chemical sieve Gas absorption Zeolites are used in water softeners. They are charged with sodium ions so that when hard water passes through the zeolite removes the calcium which causes the hardness and replaces it with much less harmful sodium ions. They can also absorb ions and molecules acting as a filter for odour control, toxin removal and as a chemical sieve. When the water is forced by heat from the structure of a zeolite, other solutions can be forced through it acting as a delivery system. This process can be applied in the fields of medicine, livestock feeds and other forms of research. Added to livestock feeds they have been shown to remove harmful toxins that stunt the growth of animals. They are also widely used in aquarium products to remove ammonia and other toxins. Zeolites occur as low grade metamorphic minerals, and also in vesicles (small cavities) in lavas, or in shallow igneous intrusions


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