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Smoky quartz,Tumbled medium/lg mx Brazil 1 lb bag

SKU: 11147
Price: $9.99


When things get out of hand and you need to get back to basics, smoky quartz is the one to use. It is used for grounding the mind and soul to planet earth. For meditation on what your priorities are and what really needs to be done, use this in any of its forms. It helps pull your scattered energies together and regroup your self. Pyramid: The symbol of magical things lies in this shape. Mysteries and myths are unfolded to help you stay grounded and know what it is you need to know. Sphere or ball: The traditional shape of knowing the unknown. The telepathic medium's tool to inquire into unseen information. A link with the universal record of all things As a healing stone, Smoky Quartz aids in the proper functioning of the adrenals, the kidneys and the pancreas. It has a relaxing effect, helping to block negativity, and aiding in meditation. It also helps develop ones latent abilities as a Channel, or Medium. Smoky Quartz stimulates and purifies the base Chakra and stimulates the movement of Kundalini Energy by channeling the white light energy of the Crown Chakra into the First Chakra. It is believed to help one come to terms with their own circumstances, becoming more acceptant of their own bodies and lives. It helps us to make our dreams into reality. It stimulates pride, self respect and self esteem. Smoky Quartz is especially useful for grounding and draining away negative energy. It increases fertility, balances sexual energy and helps to alleviate depression. Sleeping with a Smoky Quartz under the pillow can help one remember and understand the significance of dreams. Smoky Quartz is good for people with radiation-related illness or those in chemotherapy. It is best to avoid the heavily irradiated crystals. It heightens your understanding of nature and concern for the environment. Smoky Quartz has positive effect on sexual organs, therefore it is good for Myoma Uterus, Menopause and for Men it is excellent for inflammation of Prostate Gland. It also increases fertility for men and women. This stone is effective for Breast Tumor and also excellent for Cholesterol. Weak people obtain a lot of energy and power from this stone. This stone also takes away fears and low spirit. The presence of sodium in clear quartz is said to create smokey quartz. While clear quartz (especially that with rainbows) is used on all chakras, the smokey variety, as with all dark/blackish stones is generally associated with the base chakra. It is therefore useful in removing blockages to physical energy in relation to fear and it's foundation. This can often be earlier negative experiences. If these are of a sexual nature, treatment of the base chakra is doubly indicated. This crystal is useful in helping dissolve negative energy produced by the mind. Balancing and cleansing of the meridians and subtle bodies is enhanced. Corresponding Chakra: Sex Chakra, Heart Chakra and Base Chakra


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