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The Process of Making hand hammered (beaten) singing bowls is a traditional method handed down from generation to generation. The manfacturing and production technique still uses hand tools including hammers, various hand tools for handling, pouring, hand dice, pouring devices etc and more. Hand Hammered techniques includes the use of hand tools such as iron hammers to beat sequentially red hot metalsheet to bring into rounded shape till the desired shape and size has been produced . Several mid processes to finish include carving, chielseling, tampering, turning, shaping, sanding, buffing and burning to crea Hand hammered bronze colored singing bowl with an amazing deep and powerful tone. With two Striker , one for rimming and one for use as tapper. Tibetan singing bowls are traditionally constructed of a 7 metal alloy, said to include gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin, and mercury. Though specific historical records are absent, the metalurigical techniques necessary for making the bowls existed in Asia as early as 2500 years ago. The bowls have been used in many traditions, though the exact ritual context is often obscure. However, the use of bells, cymbols and similar instruments in meditative practices is common, and it is probable that the singing bowls were used in a similar manner. Both Buddhism and Hinduism include ideas of the role of sound and vibration in trance and transformation, as do other religions. The notion that sound and vibration affect consciousness is also widespread and forms the basis for the ritual use of drums and other instruments in shamanic religions. Certain sounds are used as therapy in many cultures, especially when someone is seen as out of balance or having lost his natural internal rhythm. Today, singing bowls are most often used as meditation aids. However, anyone can benefit from the relaxing, soothing effects of the sounds produced. Many people are also mysteriously drawn to the sounds and find them fascinating regardless of any spiritual connections. How to Play the Singing Bowls Hold the bowl in the palm of the hand, so that the body of the bowl is allowed to vibrate freely. With the wooden stick (puja), rub the outside rim in a circular motion, keeping an even pressure. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate, and as the sound grows. You can also tap the bowl to begin the vibration. The pitch of the bowl depends its thickness, size and weight. The pitch is fixed but may be controlled as to tone and volume by the force of the tap, the hardness of the striking stick, and the point of percussion.


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