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Scolecite Pyramid 25-35 mm India Note all pyramids measured point to point

SKU: 16024
Price: $4.99


Scolecite creates a conduit for the lightforce and lifeforce around our bodies. It assists in opening blocked channels in our bodies and cleaning or clearing out otherwise compromised ones. The tiny needle-like crystals recieve, refine and make more potent then release the energy between one pathway and another. So it works not only the energy pathways within your body but also those of groups - and that is perhaps why scholecite is often thought of as a group stone. In reality it doesn't really matter what you consider the group to be - the different parts of yourself, your different bodies (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) or different people - it works much the same. Scolecite can also be particularly useful when used with Cuprite for chronic fatigue. Numerology- Vibrates to the number 1. Leadership and independence. Gemological Properties- Scolecite is from the Zeolite group of minerals. The chemical composition is Ca(Al2Si3O10)-3H2O. Crystals are usually seen to be white and/or colorless. The refractive index is 1.513-1.519 and the specific gravity is 2.27. the hardness is a 5. The main source is Poona, India. However you can find small crystals in many places around the world. Cavansite helps develop our intuition and will be particularly helpful in channeling. It is very useful for psychic healing, proving the patient with protection at the same time so that the dis-ease cannot return. This crystal has the ability to magnify energy and would, therefore, amplify intuitive abilities when you are working with it. It not only clears, but it also merges the three bodies. Cavansite encourages healing on all three levels and helps you find the location of the dis-ease. It clears and activates all of the Chakras, too. Cavansite encourages thoughtful behavior, so if consideration of others is not high on your list oc characteristics, this crystal will help. Interestingly enough, if this crystal is placed right up on a doorway, then it provides protection for the house. Scolecite can open communication to the spiritual world and even possibly to off-world civilizations and ancient civilizations. This crystal is extremely supportive of "team spirit". Scolecite greatly encourages you to "live in love". From Siri - Scolecite is one of the "Scrubber" Crystals. Scolecite clears toxins out of the body and kills parasites as well. Cavansite is a rare mineral forming small blue sprays of crystals. These are generally found on matrix coated with snow-white, crystallized Stibite. It is only found in a small area of India and is rarely collected due to the scarcity and difficulty of mine access. An excellent stone for psychic healing and provide protection so that the disease will not have the ability to return. Also excellent for intuition, third eye, and activate channeling abilities.


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