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Sapphire Blue Ruby Corundum Tumbled India Large 50-60 gram bag (2-3/bag

Sapphire is the most effective healing stone for the nervous system. It it told to regulate the function of the thyroid gland and is therefore quite useful as a remedy for lack of appetite and nervous heart trouble.

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All gem quality corundum that is not red (ruby) is called sapphire, although the name is commonly associated with the color blue. There are but trace amounts of minerals which separate this crystal into different gemstones. Corundum is an aluminum oxide crystal that became included with a variety of minerals to produce a rainbow of colors. Chromium will turn the crystal red, classifying it as a Ruby. The treasured blues come from Titanium and Iron, Iron alone produces yellows, often times referred to as Oriental Topaz. Titanium and Iron combinations can also result in greens, while all three elements create a purple crystal believe it or not. A rare and popular Padparadscha (lotus-color) Sapphire gets is pinkish orange hues from a mixture of Chromium and Iron. A white Sapphire is perfectly clear with no inclusions what so ever. In the far East, it was used as protection against the plague. On a psychological level, it gives the patient focus and instills the intent to get well, which in turn assists healing in all levels of the body. The gem may also aid in strengthening the walls of your blood vessels and stop nose bleeds. The green and blue crystals are especially helpful in healing energies. Green Sapphire possess a strong restorative energy that comes from its connection to Mother Earth.


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