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ORANGE ELESTIAL QUARTZ tumbled India 20-25 mm med/lg mix 100 gram bag

SKU: 18759
Price: $18.99


Elestial is not easy to come by, and is becoming harder to locate. This shipment is stunning! Orange Elestial Quartz has many layers inside, orange hues, cream and white streaks throughout, and one could hold a piece and find new things about it each time. Orange Elestial reminds us of a orange pop and vanilla ice cream float, that's the closest description we can give you about the color without seeing them in person. They have a WONDERFUL energy to them! Orange Elestial Quartz: Helps as a pick-me-up when down, a cheerful happy stone, holds warm energy that is soothing to those during times of stress, is a friendship stone, a stone of confidence and self-esteem. Meaning: New Age stone for Journey-Work... Metaphysically, the combination of the White for Angelic level consciousness and the Orange for the Mastery Realm bring together in this vibrant stone Mastery Level Attunement and the actual work of getting there. Incredible layers of color and translucency build with the crystal formations of this Elestial Quartz. Orange Elestial Quartz use raises our vibrations and helps to draw the attention of those in the Astral Realms. Elestial Quartz displays our willingness to work here on the Earth plane to bring the kindness, mercy and tolerance that is needed. The Mastery Level work is never for the elevation of the self... Journey-work takes: Time - to know yourself Honor- to admit the changes needed Will- to want to change and grow Joy- to be grateful for the good WORK- to be constantly mindful Orange Elestial Quartz Use: Carry one with you as your Journey Stone... As a reminder that the deep Mystick Light shown forth from this stone says- I will work for peace and renewal.


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