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Moqui Marble 40-45 mm Arizona & Utah

SKU: 21419
Price: $4.99


Moqui balls Moqui balls are made of a sandstone kernel, surrounded by a hematite-iron layer. They come from iron meteorites hitting the earth, causing a rain of small particles that hit the sand. The size of these slightly magnetic balls lies between a marble and a baseball. In the United States, most of them come from the Navajo Sandstone Formation in the state of Utah. These mostly smooth, eliptical or round balls of compacted sandstone are encased in a "shell" of hematite (an ore of iron). They are also referred to as "Moqui Balls", "Thunderballs" or "Shaman Stones" and come in a variety of sizes ranging from that of common marbles to that of a baseball. The photograph above provides an excellent example of the structure of Moqui Marbles although the color is not always as contrasting as shown here. In the US, they are commonly called Moqui Marbles after the Moqui Indians who inhabited the lands where they are found. Found during the excavation of ancient ruins around the world, some archeologists believe they have been used for centuries by Shamans and other mystics. There are various theories about how they were formed. Some geologists believe them to be ironstone concretions formed 130 to 155 million years ago. According to one source, in the Hopi language, the word "moqui" means "dearly departed one." Legend says that the departed ancestors of the Hopi Indians of the Southwestern United States played games with these "marbles" in the evening when spirits are allowed to visit the earth. When the sun rises they must return to the heavens so they leave the marbles behind to let relatives know they are happy and well. For centuries moquis are used as healing stones by American Indians from Utah and Nevada. Nowadays, they are traded and sold to tourists or white people that believe in the power of the stones. The exploitation is now under strict control and Indians are cooperating with the US National Parks who oppose further trade. Moqui Marbles are very high energy stones. They are powerful allies to invoke, both when walking one’s personal path, and during healing situations. During personal spiritual work, these stones connect one with the energies of the Earth. They have a balanced energy, which is both grounding and energizing. Moqui Marbles are useful in initiating contact and interactions with one’s animal guides, and can be used by the advanced magician in shape-shifting work. These are powerfully protective stones and will absorb negativity or densities in the energy field, transforming these into useful and available Light Energy which makes them a very useful healing tool. They are also used as a purifying agent in the healing environment. The vibration of the Moqui Marbles purifies the chakra column and normalizes the flow of energy up the spine. Use of this stone on the third eye can activate clairvoyance, perception of distant events, and alternative lifetimes. These stones seem to have a subtle magnetizing effect on the energy field, and will gently clear and charge any area in which they are placed. One male and one female. They energize each other perfectly and feel fantastic in the hands (or hand, as the case may be). Although they can be used individually, it is much preferred to have a matched pair to help balance the male/female energies within. The female tends to have a rougher, less even surface, and will sometimes also have a groove around her middle. The male tends to have a ridge around his middle. This allows for rotating them around each other in your hand, helping to stimulate their awesome vibrational energy. These extraordinary stones are actually Iron Concretions. These unusual and completely naturally formed balls have a sandstone center. They have been used for centuries by Native Americans as Shaman Healing Stones. They bring knowledge of both ancient and future ways to the user. They also act as protectors in ones environment. Many people use these stones to put in their medicine bags or mojo bags. They are also used for meditation and healing rituals by Shamans. These stones have wonderfully healing attributes and should improvement the areas of your life for which they are naturally energized.


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