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K2 Tumbled stone AZURITE IN GRANITE Pakistan.200 gram bag lg/xl sz


SKU: 20152
Price: $19.99


This is a wonderful combination stone. Azurite The 'Stone of Indigo', this stone holds very good qualities relating to the memory, communications and Indigo children. Azurite can be used to increase the thought pattern, increase the memory, encourage photographic memory and heighten the telepathic sense. This is also a good stone for those who need to be able to have a keen and strong eye, to be able to see the smallest of detail, Azurite increases this visual need very well. For those who have an interest in the Indigo child, this is an excellent stone for Indigo's to help balance the high telepathic sense, strengthen the photographic memory and encourage the high levels of energy to be used as needed. Azurite can help communication in all forms and is good to be used by those who may have trouble with speech. This stone works well with the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra and has an intense Indigo Aura. Granite is associated with lending strength to your physical health and has also been said to help bring richness into your life whether it be financial, love life or general success. It is also considered a "guardian stone" that offers protection, which makes it an ideal gift for children or for people who have high-risk jobs, like military personnel. When granite is extracted from the ocean floor, it's believed that the stone helps keep emotions calm, because it contains both elements of the ocean (which represents the emotions) and the grounding properties of earth. This, in turn, lets people feel happier and experience more balanced relationships in all areas of their life.


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