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Green Opal Rough 1-1.5" 1 lb ba

Green Opal assists in ritual fasting and may help with healthy dieting. It enhances problem-solving dream states.

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Price: $3.99


The Egyptians and Babylonians held opal in high esteem as a powerful protective amulet against disease and referred to it as the “Gem of the Gods.” One story says that the storm god, jealous of the rainbow god, broke the rainbow. The pieces fell to earth and became part of the opal. Like many others, opal was credited with making its wearer invisible, called the Stone of Thieves. According to Plato’s Republic, an opal ring turned inward to the palm was sufficient for this purpose, but Plato and Pliny’s opal was more likely an iridescent clear quartz crystal. It is also a charm against the evil eye. It strengthens weak emotions and the memory. Placed on the navel of an expectant mother, an opal could guarantee an easier birth. At one time it was also considered a love charm, but woe to the unfaithful lover for in this one instance, it would bring misfortune. If a stone given as a love token split or cracked, not an unheard of accident for such brittle stones, this was a sign of bad luck and possibly that the owner had been unfaithful. The name in the time of Queen Elizabeth was Ophal which some believe to be derived from ophthalmos, meaning “the eye.” According to medieval folklore, gazing upon opal was supposed to be good for the eyes, counter to present lore which suggests it is bad or unlucky. Opal is useful in enhancing the vision of seers and is excellent for meditation and divination. Greek astrologers and mediums applied it to that particular use, and modern scholars suggest it should be worn alone on the little finger. Native Americans and Australian Aborigines both used the opal on the vision quests and “dreamtime.”


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