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Golden Sun Quartz - Sulphur in Quartz Polished Points 50-60 mm Brazil

Sulfur crystals get their yellow color from the presence of sulfur at the formation of the Quartz crystal. Since sulfur is an element of change, these crystals are power crystals for transformation, helping to also increase your self-esteem and enhance your inner power. A sulfur crystal can also be used for solar plexus chakra healing and to soothe anger and rage.

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The beautiful soft yellow tone of these Sulphur in quartz crystals is rarely seen among the Quartz Crystal - IN Alchemy, Salt, Sulphur and Mercury are known to be the Three Principles. It is believed that all matter can be divided, via alchemical processes, into these three things. Salt was the principle of fixity (non-action) and in-combustibility. Salt is the earth element, representing the vegetable salts extracted from calcined ashes of plant body. The Salt represents the Body of a thing. It is the receptacle for the energies of Mercury and Sulfur. Salt contains the elements Water and Earth. The receiving of the influences of the Soul which are transmitted through the spirit occurs through the element Water. In the chemical aspects, this neutral energy resides in the salts of the lab materials, both soluble and insoluble. Mercury was the principle of fusibility (ability to melt and flow) and volatility. Mercury is the water element, representing the life essence of the plant, the very alcohol extract of the plant is the carrier of the life essence. Mercury is the passive, Female energy of the universe. It unites with the Sulfur to produce a Manifestation, whatever that may be (whatever you are trying to create). In order for the energies of Life to transmit their influence into matter, Mercury is needed: It contains the Air of Life and the Water of Matter. In chemistry, this energy resides in the alcohol of the material you work with. Sulfur was the principle of inflammability. Sulphur is the fire element, virtue of plant, representing the volatile oil essence of the plant. Sulfur is the Male, active energy of the universe. For us it represents the Soul. Chemically, it resides in the essential oils of the material you work with. Sulphur has a very distinctive scent. Please keep this in mind when handling it. Even in the subtler form in the Quartz Crystals, you will notice it. You will probably want to wash your hands afterwards. Lemon and/or baking soda work wonders for releasing the scent.


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