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Billiton Island, Indonesia SOMEWHAT IRREGULAR Spherical, flattened, with meandrine grooves on the edges PICTURE IS REPRESENTATIVE.

SKU: 20661
Price: $24.99


Tektites are one of the most mysterious and most hotly-debated rock types on earth. Their origin remains an unsolved mystery after several hundred years of scientific research. Tektites exhibit a number of meteoritic features, including ablation and atmospheric melting, flight orientation, distribution on a certain strewn field, sharp difference from native rocks, so on. However, they don't have cosmic ray tracks and Al - Nd isotopic characteristics of a long period of time in outer space. Dr. J. D. O'Keefe, Dr. D. R. Chapman of NASA and other scientists have found more and more solid evidences showing the lunar origin of tektites. Meanwhile, other researchers find some evidences unfavorable to the theory that tektites are from the Moon. It is time for more people to try to solve this scientific riddle. The Indochinite tektites we offer have an unusual variety of sizes and shapes. They have some rare features indicating their entry or "re-entry" into the atmosphere, melting, shaped transformation, aerodynamic orientation, brittle and plastic deformation, and other mechanisms. These tektites are from Maoming City, Guangdong Province in south China, with K-Ar isotopic age of around 700,000 years. They have the same age as those found in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. Please pick out a piece of possible Moon rock for your collection, and try your hand at solving the cosmic riddle of tektites. This selection is of mostly round with some oval specimens in the 45-70mm


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