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Fossil Orthoceras Polished Plates 10-12" dia. Moroc

SKU: 14153
Price: $34.99


Create a breathtaking focus to your home or office with these exquisite, sheets of raised polished spear shaped Orthoceras fossils. The Orthoceras fossils sit resplendent upon the slabs of rough hewn rock in which they were exposed, and are utterly breathtaking, due to the simple colour schematic: glossy black, pearly grey, and frosted white. Across the rock there is dramatic high relief as well as fabulous texture and fascinating detail. Experienced craftsmen, who are well versed in expert hand polishing, and thus ensuring that these plaques are of the highest quality, create the plaques. Orthoceras plaques are suitable for display upon a stand, and are terribly versatile. They look wonderful as a backdrop to an aquarium (suitable for both tropical and cold water), and outstanding if placed in a bathroom. A rather unusual manner of display is to afix one to a bathroom wall with cement, and make it a stunning focal point. As a matter if interest, in each Orthoceras plaque, the fossils all face the same direction because aeons ago, when these shells sank to the ocean, floor, currents that scourge the depths aligned them. As these forms of prehistoric squid were covered in ocean sediments prior to fossilization, the majority of the creatures will be facing in the same relative position having been lined up by currents on the sea floor prior to being buried.


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