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Feldspar Crystal Specimen -Golden Feldspar 50-60 mm Brazil

SKU: 19216
Price: $1.99


Feldspar is a group of minerals which are important in the formation of many rocks. There are a few gem varieties of feldspar, the most important of which is moonstone. All feldspars are types of aluminium silicate, with potassium, calcium, sodium or barium. Feldspar Types " Orthoclase Orthoclase feldspar is a potassium aluminium silicate. It includes the attractive but infrequently seen moonstone. " Microcline Microcline has the same chemical composition as orthoclase feldspar, but its crystals are in the triclinic system. It includes the gem variety amazonite. " Plagioclase Plagioclase is an amorphous series of albite, which is sodium aluminium silicate, and anorthite which is calcium aluminium silicate. It includes the gems sunstone and labradorite. " Celsian Celsian is a barium aluminium silicate which contains no gem varieties. Because of all these different types of feldspar the colours cover the full spectrum, especially when we look at stones like labradorite or rainbow moonstone. For healing it is used for self awareness and is said to help find missing items. It helps us to find unconventional ways to obtain our achievements. It promotes self-awareness and self-love. It is very protective especially while travelling. It connects to the lunar and solar properties, helping us connect with these heavenly bodies to enhance our lives on Earth. It helps seal the aura and so prevents energy loss and drain from demanding people. It is good for strengthening the back.


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