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FIRE AGATE Sterling Silver Pendant MEXICO 35-40 mm st Freeform shapes Poland

SKU: 20521
Price: $39.99


Fire Agate is a brilliant multicolored gemstone that combines a deep brown base hue with flashes of orange, red, green and gold that look like tongue of living flame. The iridescent colors are produced by light interference at thin layers of regularly spaced iron oxide crystals within the agate. Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of banded chalcedony. Chalcedony is the cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, meaning the crystals are too small to even be seen by a microscope. The banding, or stripey appearance, is the result of rhythmic crystallization. Beneficial for: Fear; insecurity; cravings; destructive desires; addictions; stomach; nervous and endocrine systems; circulation; eyes; night vision; triple heater meridian; hot flushes; energy burnout; emotional trauma; self-confidence; concentration; perception; analytical abilities; aura stabilization; negative-energy transformation; emotional disease; digestive process; gastritis; eyes; stomach; uterus; lymphatic system; pancreas; blood vessels; skin disorders; lethargy; depression; sexual imbalances such as impotence or fear or sexual intimacy; bowels; fertility; vitality; digestion Fire Agates vibrate with the vitality of the physical world and are ideal tools for those who need to have an ‘in-the-body experience.’ Among the spiritually inclined segment of the population, there are many who attempt or wish to avoid the messy and painful difficulties of life by escaping into the upper realms. Unfortunately, the price one pays is often high, and once can become a spacey, low-energy person who glows with spiritual light but doesn’t generate enough heat to get anything done. For those of us who lament that they don’t much like the Earth and they want to go home, Fire Agate is an ideal remedy. It has a deep connection to the Earth and can help us remember why the lines of people waiting for the chance to be born on this planet were so long. The shifting flame-like colors of Fire Agate awaken the Earth, base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, and fill one with the zest for living. It lights one’s inner fires of life force, creativity, sexuality and will. It revitalizes the exchange of spiritual and physical energies through the membrane of the self; since all is flow and process, the enhancement of this exchange is energizing to the soul as well as the organism. It opens the channels so that Divine inspiration can flow through one into all one’s activities and artistic expressions. This stone puts one in touch with the zest for living, and with this, one experiences an increase in passion, an intensification of all emotions and reconnection with one’s deepest desires. It helps one find the courage to take risks in order to fulfill the inner promptings which call one more fully into passionate involvement with life. In helping one come fully into the body, Fire Agate assists one in making real the divine blueprint of one’s life purpose.


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