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Elestial quartz asst small sizes 1/2 flat Brazil (10-14 / box )

SKU: 15822
Price: $34.99


Elestial Quartz is also known as Alligator Quartz, Skeletal Quartz, and Jacare Quartz The translation for Elestial is "Crystal of the Angels" which explains the strong link with the Archangelic realm. It has been written that Elestials are being called the New Millennium Crystal. The belief is that the Elestials are the Kings and Queens of the mineral Kingdom. The Elestial represents supreme knowledge. They are most definitely different and are said to hold great power and mystery, as well as providing us with many metaphysical uses, including making an awesome elixir. Everyone should have an Elestial in their home and work place. The mineralogical term, Skeletal Quartz, refers to the unusual etchings and internal cavities of Elestials. The word, Jacare Quartz, means Alligator in Portuguese. This came about due to the similarity between the geometric patterns on the surface of these crystals in relation to the natural designs on the skin of the reptile. Brazil is where most of this Quartz is mined and where Portuguese is the native language. Elestials are somewhat strange to look at and are quite different in their physical make up from other crystal formations. They appear to have hundreds of small crystals all stuck together in a hodge podge fashion. They are neither smooth nor polished which makes them stand out from other crystals. Elestials are master healers and work on many levels. Elestials can strip you right down to your deepest self and bring to the surface dark thoughts and old pains which have been too deeply buried for you to face and overcome. It is essential that you are well prepared when working with Elestials. Elestial quartz is said to be especially useful in healing emotional problems and providing balance between heart and mind. Elestial quartz is also said to impart wisdom and to enhance insight. In addition to being an excellent transformational tool, helping one to understand and adjust to change; it is also said to be of significant assistance during meditation. The Elestial concentrates its energy in the pineal gland in the brain where thoughts and feelings are brought into sharp focus. An individual may retrieve information stored in Elestials by running their hands over the etchings of the crystal. You may notice your hands start moving on their own. This is similar to the way the blind use Braille language. It is also written that using Elestial Quartz crystals in body layouts will purge toxicity from the major organs in to the bloodstream. This can be purged by drinking lots of water. It is best to clear the mind and have no expectations through this process. Also remember the water afterwards, as you will be detoxified. Elestials come in many different families, shapes and colors! Some have moving water bubbles inside them and these are called Enhydro Crystals. For the most part Elestials come in Smoky, White, Clear, Citrine, and rarely in Amethyst and even rarer, Ametrine.


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