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Apache Tears Natural -1lb 1/2-1 inch size

SKU: 13022
Price: $9.99


The Legend After the Pinal Apaches had made several raids on a settlement in Arizona, to steal cattle, the military along with some volunteers tracked the stolen cattle, and waited for the Apache until dawn at the treacherous face of the Clif Bid Pacacho.The Apache , because of the location never thought they would be attacked from there, and were surprised, and outnumbered so much that 50 of them were shot to death, and the rest of the 25 Apache men jumped off the edge of the cliff rather than to be killed by the white man. Hence the cliff's name was changed to Apache Leap in the 1800's. A short distance from the bottom of the cliff , the widows were crying for their dead, they mourned so hard, that their God "The Great Spirit" put their tears into the black translucent stone. If you look through the tear stone, you can see the translucent tear inside. The stones are said to bring luck to the owner , and whoever has one never has to cry again, since the Apache Women did the crying in their place. They are also suppose to bring emotional balance, and protect one from being taken advantage of. It is used to produce clear visions, psychic powers, and can be worn as an amulet for protection. You will receive one pound of medium sized mine run translucent Apache Tear gemstones from Superior, Arizona! These are the highest quality obsidian nodules in the world. They are ready to tumble or cab. Why not get the best in the world for this price? Only translucent merikanites from Superior can truly be called Apache Tears. Naturally Semi-tumbled.


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