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Moonstone Rough 30-40 mm specimen India 1 LB BG

Moonstone is a combination of two types of feldspar rocks with a translucent layered quality. Light passing through those layers creates the phenomenon with the iridescent glow. Ancient Romans use to believe that the stone was solidified moonbeams. The rarest therefore the most valuable is the Deep blue color. Although in recent years there has been an upswing in desire for all the colors. This being said, just know, this a stone with rapidly growing value in all colors.

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MOONSTONE Hardness : 6 A Silicate (Tectosilicates, Feldspar Group. K Feldspars, Orthoclase). Colorless to whitish prismatic crystals often with iridescent sheen. Not usually found in large pieces. Soluble in hydrofluoric acid. Metaphysical Properties: Known as the "Stone of Purity". There are no untruths here. Is a stone for hoping and wishing and also for new beginnings. Allows one to take what is needed from the Universe. Gives one access to galactic energies. Helps one to accept their destinies. Enhances perception and psychic powers. Aids one in decision making. Relieves emotional tension. Promotes creativity and self-expression. Cleanses negativity from chakras. Promotes spiritual understanding. Removes obstacles in one's path. A talisman for good fortune. Provides a sustaining force. Aids in child birth. PMS. Odema. Stings. Fevers. Corresponding astrological sign : Cancer


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