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KILO LOT Lepidolite Mica asst sizes 40-75 mm (1000 grams) Brazil

SKU: 12561
Price: $59.99


Lepidolite is a type of mica which crystalizes and is created of many layers of hexagonal plates. Scale like aggregates of short, prismatic, plate like crystals, Lepidolite's colors range from a light pink, to violet, deeper shades of purple, grays, whites and even colorless. It occurs in sparkling masses around Pink Tourmaline (Rubelite) crystals. Due to it's cleavage, as with most mica, Lepidolite is rarely faceted. It is rich in lithium, which is what lends it's beautiful color. These lithium-rich lepidolite mica pieces have lovely pal to light purple color and a "book-like" or "plate-like" form. They are very popular for metaphysical purposes and also as collector pieces. A Silicate (Phyllosilicates, Mica Group). Six sided formations - pink to lilac in color. Fuses easily. Insoluble in acid.Industrially used as an ore of lithium. Metaphysical Properties: Alleviates stress and despondency. Helps one during periods of transition. Allows for smooth change. Good for astral travel. Promote self-preservation. Aids business. Promotes honesty and openness. Used to locate energy blockages. A girding stone. Anti nightmare stone. Assist one in gardening activities and agriculture. Stress. Wrinkles. Tight muscles. Nerves. Corresponding astrological sign : Libra


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