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Garnierite(GREEN MOONSTONE POCKET STONEMadagascar 30-40 mm

SKU: 21194
Price: $4.99


Garnierite is a feldspar moonstone with the presence of nickel which gives it a greenish hue. These beautiful pieces come from Madagascar . Garnierite is an excellent stone for connecting with the heart since it is a heart chakra stone and provides unconditional love. It helps with loving yourself and opening your heart to others. It is a nurturing support stone and helps give you an energetic boost to keep things moving. Garnierite is a general name for a green nickel ore which is found in pockets and veins within weathered and serpentinized ultramafic rocks. It forms by lateritic weathering of ultramafic rocks and occurs in many nickel laterite deposits in the world. Refresh your perspective with these mint green Garnierite Touchstones. Held in the palms of your hand, Garnierite uplifts the spirit with its light, caring essence. Even when wee’re determined to create positive changes for ourselves, it can be difficult to see our goals through. The healing properties are great for those who have come a long way in their progress, but need help pushing themselves that last mile toward the finish line.


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