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Besednices Moldavite small 2-3 gram

OUR PICTURES ARE REPRESENTATIVE -NOT EXACT BUT ALL SPECTACULAR The deeply and intricately sculptured Besednices come from an area about 50 meters on a side. Other sources within sight of this tiny area lack this incredible detail. This pattern also holds vertically: even within this special locality, specimens from the top 3 meters or so are not this ornate. At about 4 meters, the water table is encountered, and large volumes of water flooding the pits makes further digging very challenging. It is at this level that the classic Besednices were found. The clay pits at Besednice, Czech Republic, have been closed for ten years*. Moldavite hunters burrowing beneath the 10-foot banks were encroaching on protected forest land (and were getting themselves killed). The area is now behind patrolled chain-link fencing and reportedly is slated to become a national park. Folks that were providing a supplemental income for their families by digging these fine gems are now selling their "keepers".

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Talk about your extraterrestrials! Moldavite is the product of a meteorite shower sometime between 15 to 20 million years ago in the area of Moldau, Czechoslovakia. It emits an incredible amount of energy and is thought to be particularly useful to those of us who have incarnated in the earth plane from other planetary systems, easing the homesick and helping them ˘fit in÷, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Moldavite, available here as raw pieces, enhances all of the psychic gifts. It is also thought to ease the process of transformation, especially the letting go part in which so many of us seem to get stuck!


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